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The world’s most expensive Pokemon card is now an NFT

In the most Logan Paul of moves.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jul 25, 2022

Logan Paul, Youtuber-turned-wrestler and internet celebrity, has acquired the extremely rare and collectible 1998 holographic Pikachu “Illustrator” card. Paul has been notorious in the past year for his Pokémon trading and purchases. However, out of all the ones that he has purchased in the past year, this mint condition card is actually worth $5,275,000 USD, as it is one of the most unique cards in the game.


Paul shared the process he had to go through in order to acquire the PSA 10 graded Pikachu Illustrator card in a YouTube video. As he was securing the title of the champion of Wrestle Mania, Paul pulled the stunt of wearing this extremely precious card as an amulet in a necklace around his neck.



It is currently the only known mint condition Pikachu Illustrator card, and Logan acquired it for $4 million. This acquisition granted Paul the Guinness World Record for the most expensive Pokémon card sold in a private auction.



Now here’s the fun part, besides owning the most valuable and expensive Pokémon card in the world, Paul announced that he has turned the card into a digital asset, making it so the community gets to co-own it together. The NFT has been listed on the Liquid Marketplace, a platform he has co-founded earlier this month.


Though the platform currently has very little history, information, or online presence, its “about” page it states that its goal is to “offer collectors the opportunity to co-own physical and digital assets through the power of tokenization.” The platform further shares: “As a member of the Liquid Marketplace community, you have the power to cast votes that decide the future of the assets you own tokens of, specifically whether it goes to auction or not. Liquid Marketplace also gives collectors the opportunity to collect with friends as well as join our Discord, where you will become a part of our established community of like-minded collectors.”


Paul stated that he would be claiming a minority 49% interest, with the public owning a 51% majority. The price of the digital asset is $5 million USD.


Additionally, Paul stated that he will be selling the card for $5 million (or 50 million Liquid Marketplace tokens, each worth $0.10), so any affluent fans who want to get their hands on it can do so at a modest discount.


It is incredible to see that while some people are acquiring assets such as these expensive and rare collectibles, they are also offering fans the opportunity to share the goods with them through utilizing NFTs and digital assets.


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Photo via Logan Paul