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Loofahs are gross – use these things instead

words by: Natasha Marsh
Nov 1, 2020

Annoyingly, I was watching Wendy Williams with my mom the other day (back story: Wendy William likes to share all the celebrity tea that’s going on and I have zero energy for that). Anyways, Wendy was explaining how she used to swear by the exfoliation of a loofah but since finding out the bacteria it collects while idol, she is switching. 


This struck me. I have always been a loofah user because I hate washcloths. Naively, I thought those were the only two options we had for the shower. Turns out I was very wrong. 


Loofahs, or those scrunchy-looking things made of dried tropical gourd, has been used for decades to help remove dead skin and hydrate the body. But turns out they are the perfect home for bacteria. Mold, germs, remnants of dirt, oil and grime can all find its way back into our loofahs instead of down the drain. If it does get trapped into the loofah, it can cause infections or trap bacteria inside your pores and absolutely defeats the point of cleansing yourself from germs! 


So now that you know how gross loofahs are, here are some great alternatives to get your hands (well, body) on ASAP. 


Medium Soft Bristle Shower Brush

This can be cleaned easily with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. Just make sure you don’t leave it in overly moist showers. 


Silicone Loofah

We aren’t saying cut out loofahs entirely, but use a silicone one instead. They will spread an even amount of soap and water across your body and are super easy to clean. 


Bristle Body Brush

Not to be confused with a shower brush, this one is round and doesn’t have a handle. It’s great because it’s easy to hold and gives a nice massage.


Antibacterial Body Mitt Exfoliator 

Place hands in this eco-friendly alternative for a solid scrub and cleanse.