Lord help us: the mullet is coming back


words by: Radhiya Sabnani
Dec 12, 2019

It’s 2019, so why does it feel like we’re living in the 1970s?


Take a deep breath. Are you sitting down? Out of all this of yesterday’s trends, apparently the mullet is making a comeback. We’re just as confused as you are. You’ve seen the likes of Rob Stewart, Billy Ray Cyrus, and David Bowie rock the “business in front, party in the back” hairstyle at some point in their lives. And now young men (and some women) have followed suit. 


So why does its comeback seem so strange? Many have speculated that Dacre Mongomery’s heart-throb character Billy on Stranger Things has inspired its return.


While the mullet is probably the last hairstyle I would ever think of getting, I have to admit it’s actually pretty genius. I’m always debating whether I want short or long hair, but this way you get both… at the same time. Not to mention, I’m pretty tired of just seeing bob cuts and long locks dyed different colors. This style is nostalgic yet refreshing. 



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Plus, people can style their mullet in more ways than one. Teen Vogue predicts that the Step Mullet is the next big thing. The hairstyle literally looks like steps on a staircase where parts of the hair are split up into different tiers



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Whether you love it or hate it, the mullet is an undeniably edgy and unconventional look with endless opportunities for reinvention. Its comeback may just be the perfect excuse to live out your rockstar fantasy.




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