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Louis Vuitton is releasing a luxury Coronavirus face shield

Do you have a grand to spend?

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Sep 18, 2020

It’s been almost eight months now, and Coronavirus will be with us for a while it seems. So it can’t be surprising that luxury brands have started putting out and making some luxury PPE. Though it comes with an eyebrow lifting price tag, Louis Vuitton is set to debut the very first luxury face shield.


Of course, much like anything the brand has to offer, this item of luxurious protective gear isn’t going to be cheap—or accessible. 


Meant to protect individuals who wear it from droplets, it is made of hard clear plastic, with a monogrammed trademark pattern lining the sides. A cool feature is that the shield flips up so it doubles as a visor. 


Expected to be released at the end of October as part of LV’s 2021 Cruise Collection, and only at select locations, it is priced at $961. We’re amazed and baffled all at once. Yes, it is luxurious in many ways, but is it worth dropping almost an entire paycheck on? Ultimately, this may not be a question that LV’s target audience is asking, seeing as that steep price may seem like chump change for many. 


At a time when—now more than ever—the money you spend casts a vote towards the kind of world you want to live in, your money may be better spent supporting smaller businesses and communities that may need the support more than a multi-million dollar brand. It also really begs the question, do brands know their customers anymore?


Photo via Louis Vuitton