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Louis Vuitton releases a travel book about Mars

Maybe the Moon will be next.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Nov 9, 2021

The Travel Book series from Louis Vuitton continues, this time with a far-flung destination in mind: Mars. The luxury fashion label teams up with French writer Sylvain Tesson and Belgian comic illustrator François Schuiten to tell a fictional story set in the twenty-first century, where exponential population growth and rising temperatures have turned previously habitable regions into barren deserts.


The plot

A man and a woman — perhaps the next era’s Adam and Eve — travel to Mars to see if the planet is capable of supporting life. Speaking about the book, Schuiten admits that he isn’t much of a traveler, but he discovered the huge expanses required to imagine Mars.


According to Alta Plana: “Mars will be an imaginary travel book in the Louis Vuitton Travel Book Collection. In a not so distant future of exponential population growth and record temperature rises, vast stretches of formerly arable land have turned into deserts. a man and a woman, the new era’s Adam and Eve, are sent on a mission to mars to explore the red planet and the possibilities it might offer for human survival.”



The team

François Schuiten is the artist creating the illustrations for the book. Of his process, he shared: “The red planet still features in many a childhood dream, and I wanted to capture that fascination. Above all, it is that child that I was seeking to reach.” Schuiten’s artwork brings about the same sense of wonder that Star Wars’ legendary concept artist, Ralph McQuarrie, once did in the 1970s.


The writer, Sylvain Tesson, born on April 26, 1972 in Paris, is a well-known travel writer. Tesson has walked from Russia to India and is familiar with the diverse cultures and landscapes that make up our world. Despite its barrenness and apparent lifelessness, the French writer observes that Mars is a bleak mirror of Earth if we continue on our current path. How would the colonies development differ from the chaotic histories back home, whether people are to settle in far space, whether it Mars or beyond? That is the struggle and “complexity of reality,” according to Tesson, and it is also what pulls the story forward.


TRAVEL BOOK MARS by Louis Vuitton is available now online in a collector edition for $185, and regular editions in both English and French for $56 each. Make sure to get yourself a copy if you’re at all curious as to what life on Mars could look like for us.



For more news related to space travel, NASA is actually turning the International Space Station into a private travel destination.


Photos via Louis Vuitton