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Should I get a lymphatic drainage Massage?

So long aches and pains.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jan 23, 2022

I recently have been having pain in my knee. I’m not sure if it has to do with the lingering sprained ankle I’ve had since the summer, where my knee has been compensating for it. Or if it’s the years of running that have finally taken a toll. Some days, I think it might even be the lack of physical movement while working from home.


Regardless of the reason, it has been slightly unbearable. A friend of mine put me onto lymphatic drainage massage claiming it does wonders for inflammation and good digestion, and that I should take it. And truly, I was shocked at how much better my knee felt after just one massage.


What is the lymphatic system?

Fluids come out of your cells and tissues and can build up, causing swelling. The lymphatic system is meant to collect all the excess liquid (like bacteria, cellular waste, and pathogens), and return it to your bloodstream.


However, the lymphatic system doesn’t have the same central pump or equivalent that the heart has, so it relies on the human body to keep things optimal and to keep things moving. Excess fluid in your face can cause puffiness and overall lackluster skin. And in a pandemic, I think it’s safe to say we are all very aware of what our skin looks like, so it’s no wonder that these lymphatic drainage treatments have been embraced by the masses.


How does lymphatic drainage work?

In recent years, places like FaceGym and FaceLove Fitness have opened up. They’re places where traditional facials that use extractions got upgrades to include lymphatic drainage, as a result of the demand of people who are interested in stimulating their facial lymph.


And, of course, you can do this at home with jade rollers, gua sha stones, and the like, but going in for a professional lymphatic drainage is the move. There’s even been a whole host of commerce goods and tools that facilitate lymphatic drainage by working with the stagnant fluid and moving it along your lymphatic pathways.


Are there alternatives?

If you are not into tools or going to a spa for a lymphatic drainage massage, you can always just try exercise. Movement is the most important thing you can do to avoid stagnation within the body. Cardio is especially good for this excess fluid, as it helps to move things around.


Water workouts are also great for lymphatic health as it acts as a double stimulator for your lymphatic system. Your muscles will basically contract in any workout, but the pressure from the water on your skin is where the difference is. So although gua sha and facial rolling tools are great for the lymphatic system, a lymphatic massage is even better.


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