Lynda Carter is set to return in ‘Wonder Woman 3’

There’s nothing like a good ol’ callback to the OG.

words by: Alee Kwong
Jan 18, 2022

After her cameo as Asteria in Wonder Woman 1984, the OG Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, has been confirmed to reprise her role for the third installment of the DC heroine franchise. Carter’s involvement in Patty Jenkins-directed threequel was confirmed last November by current Wonder Woman Gal Gadot, who spoke about her friendship and admiration for her predecessor during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter to promote her new Netflix movie Red Notice.


Gadot said that it “means the world” to have Carter as part of the cast for the DCEU film. “First of all, Lynda has mentored me from the very first moment that I got cast as Wonder Woman,” expressed Gadot. “She was always there, talking to me, giving me tips and everything. She’s a true champion of what Patty [Jenkins] and I have been doing, and it was so great that we managed to find the right opportunity to bring her to the last movie and now to the third one.”



The threequel was promptly announced after Wonder Woman 1984 fizzled in theaters ($46.5M domestic, $166.5M worldwide) over Christmas 2020 due to the pandemic, and a majority of movie theaters closed including box office markets in Los Angeles and New York. It didn’t help that Wonder Woman 1984 was made available on HBO Max at the same time as its in-theater release (we saw a similar performance trend with Marvel‘s Black Widow). When the news was announced, some in the industry wondered how Jenkins could commit to the threequel as she’s prepping Star Wars: Rogue Squadron for Disney, however, the director made her commitment to the DC project duly known.


At DC Fandome 2021, Carter chimed in and said (in regards to her time as Wonder Woman), “I know what it was like from the inside out. I know what the legacy meant to me, and when I created the character, it wasn’t on the comic book page — her kindness and her goodness. Her strength was her Lasso of Truth … and that meant something to me…Who would have thought in my life — at this time in my life — that this gift would just present itself to me, and that’s so cool,” she added. “And that’s what I’m hoping for all of the fans of ‘Wonder Woman’ … to know that your life is full of surprises, and the Wonder Woman in you is alive and well.”


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Photos via DC/Warner Bros. and Getty Images