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Male consumers can’t stop buying espadrilles

Some options.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 8, 2020

Regardless if your city’s lockdown orders or in full force, or have laxed, it is month six of the pandemic. Are you still wearing old T-shirts, basketball shorts and slippers? Or are you starting to venture outside, attending social distance picnics or parties? It might be time to upgrade your wardrobe. And if that sounds too aggressive, maybe a new pair of shoes might put a pep in your step. 


Recent consumer reports have shown increased sales for espadrille sandals this summer. We get it. If you wear sandals you could expose your untamed-six-months-in-pandemic toes. And if you wear sneakers, your feet might swell from the excess heat in the air that summer tends to bring. So what do you? You buy espadrilles. 


Made of canvas and braided rope, these utilitarian shoes are lightweight, polished, and easy to put on. The best part is, just about every brand makes their own version so it’s very friendly on your wallet. They are great for relaxing at home, social-distance walks, and work outfits (when that’s eventually a thing again). Dressed up, they can also double as a loafer. Another benefit, they don’t require socks, making them the most easygoing shoes you’ll own this summer. Below are some of our favorites. 


Soludos Original Classic Stripe $52.99


Tom’s Natural Washed Canvas $64.95


Mango Suede Espadrilles $69.99


Alejandro Woven Slip On $180


H&M Espadrilles $17.99


Yucatan Woven Canvas Espadrilles $34


Photo via Intuitiva New York