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Male influencers make $1.5K per post on average, career switch?

Hop on the money train.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Mar 6, 2021

A landscape that kicked off with mommy bloggers is now being threatened by male influencers. According to IZEA’s (an influencer technology company) second annual report, “State of Influencer Equality,” male influencers are paid more per post.


The report looks at pay across the social media industry and focuses on how it impacts race, gender and age. Two main things stuck out to us: In 2020, African American women increased their per-post earnings by 28%; and although females make more overall, men are cashing in on more per post.


With the racial reckoning taking place across the nation, sponsorship deals for minorities have skyrocketed — and in the social media world dominated by white women, men are considered a minority. Now might just be the right time to become an influencer. If this is interesting to you, check out our post on how to go viral.


Photo via Benedict Evans/ESPN