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Manscaping: why men should be waxing

4 reasons to do it.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jul 23, 2020

Some of you may be wondering, what is manscaping? You’ve surely heard the term, perhaps recently more than ever before. As men’s grooming continues to be on the rise, manscaping has been embraced by the majority.



So, what is Manscaping?

Here’s the short answer: Manscaping is the act of trimming or grooming your body hair. However, there are a few distinctions that are important to make. While many people use the word to describe grooming that happens below the waist, that’s not the limit of what manscaping really is. Manscaping can include waxing your chest hair, thinning the rough patch under the pits or getting rid of unwanted back hair. All of this is part of manscaping.

At its core, manscaping is more than just cutting or trimming hair. It’s a lifestyle that is sure to improve your quality of life, and includes more than just grooming. Taking care of your skin is an essential part of revitalizing your body, and it helps to establish a routine that promotes the use of products and techniques that make you smell, feel and look just plain amazing. Who doesn’t want that?

Now, there are many ways to go about grooming your body hair. New techniques are emerging everyday, and waxing has become an option for a lot of them.


Here are four reasons you should consider male waxing:


  • You will feel cleaner


It is a known fact to most that body hair traps sweat, odors, and moisture that can lead to a buildup of foul smells (think sweaty summer days and BO!). Even with the religious use of anti-bacterial soaps and deodorant, it doesn’t take long for odors to build up again. It makes sense then, if there’s no hair, there’s nowhere for moisture to hide and creep up on you every time you go outside. Though waxing doesn’t necessarily reduce the amount of sweat produced, without the hair, your body will be cleaner and smell way better.


  • You will please whoever’s touching you


For men with a lot of body hair, waxing is a big decision to make. After all, it’s not a walk in the park, and definitely not as pain-free as shaving. What’s for sure, though, is that after you wax, you will feel like a brand new man. Waxing will boost your confidence in feeling slick and smooth, and that will translate into your daily life—including your dating life. Don’t be surprised when your partner goes crazy for the newly found smoothness of your skin.


  • You will reduce hair growth


Waxing regularly will help your hair grow back in both a softer and finer manner. While shaving doesn’t remove the root of the hair thus making your hair growth spikier, waxing creates the opposite effect. This is incredibly healthy for your skin and your pores. You will notice the hair growth significantly diminishing. If you start waxing, you can bid farewell to the darker ends that are more noticeable and sharp to touch as well as the itchy irritated skin feeling.


  • Your skin desperately needs it


Just as the hair on your head can get dry and need some hydration, your skin is no different. Excess body hair means that you have to be more attentive to your grooming practices, and take care of your skin before it’s too late. Male waxing exfoliates that skin during the session and works to remove a top layer of dead skin cells from your body, so you can enjoy more youthful-looking and healthy skin. This all means that you will no longer be dealing with those stubborn ingrown hairs, and your skin will look as smooth and healthy as ever. 


So, are you sold yet? And while you’re at it, make sure you have a daily skincare routine in place too.


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