Maximize your WFH flow with these tech essentials

7 things to make your home office better.

words by: Team ULTRA
Mar 26, 2020

Businesses and employees alike are charting unknown territory right now. Between the apocalyptic news, eavesdropping on your neighborhoods fighting, and no manager hovering over – the temptation to slack off has never been higher. But just because our surroundings have changed doesn’t mean we still don’t have to get shit down.

Here are some tech essentials that will make your work-from-home life a little easier and maximize your productivity.


A curve stand for your MacBook 

Raising your laptop closer to eye level will do a lot for your back and posture in the long run, and will help generally boost the ergonomics of your desk. Less pain, more work! Your neck will thank you for adding this bad boy to your WFH set-up. 

Available on BH Photo Video for $60.


Never run out of plugs with a USB-C Hub

If your computer has no useful ports, or even too little, this USB hub is going to be essential. You can make use of this to charge your headphones (or Airpods), charge your phone and even plug in your memory card. 

Available on Amazon for $36.


A charging hub which doubles as a stand 

Never miss a call with the Elago Charging Hub, which charges everyday essentials from your iPhone to your Apple Watch. This silicone stand features slots for each item, made from a soft-touch silicone in a compact, tabletop design that you can feed your chargers through (not included). Infinitely more chic than the traditional option, this feature also ensures that you’ll see every message rolling in. 


Available at Urban Outfitters for $20.


Schedule your breaks with this analog – yes, analog timer 


Let’s face it. Time management is hard, but it’s made a bit easier with this analog offering. It’s simplicity is its genius: whether you’re applying the Pomodoro technique (Google it!) or tracking your breaks, the classic timer helps you delegate and focus your efforts. Thankfully, this model does not tick loudly, so it won’t disrupt your flow. This tool is timeless and can also be used for cooking, child-rearing, etc.

Available on Amazon for $19.


Heat/cool your beverage at your desk with this wireless base

Journeying to the kitchen to freshen up or reheat your cup of coffee is good from time to time, but it can really set you behind if you have chatty roommates. This warmer will keep your cup warm through all those long Zoom sessions! It also doubles as a wireless charger. A win-win!

Available from Sharper Image for $99.99.



Keep healthy with a desk humidifier

You might think this is a splurge but it’s actually pretty important – this USB humidifier will keep your living space humid and prevent colds, flu and congestion (and all unwanted germ-y visitors). This mini Reindeer humidifier also helps prevent dry skin. 

Available on Amazon for $15.



Stay focused with noise cancelling headphones



Establishing boundaries with your roommates and/or your surroundings while WFH is key. Sometimes, that comes in the form of isolating the soundscape. If you don’t want to be the guy who’s constantly asking people to keep it down, invest in a pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones – pricey, but they’re truly the best model on the market. 

Available at Best Buy for $399.99.



All product photos are courtesy of their respective retailers.