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McDonald’s just opened up a Barbershop… in Sweden

words by: Matt Peng
Dec 14, 2020

McDonald’s around the world are known for their golden arches. Back in the ’90s, a popular hairstyle happened to be the parted bangs – which formed an “M” on your head.


Playing to ’90s nostalgia that multiple brands have tapped into, McDonald’s opened up their first-ever Golden M Barber Shop in Stockholm, Sweden last week. The marketing team in the region wanted to help people trim their own “The Golden M” hairstyle. Adam Lukacs was fully booked for digital appointments within two hours of the launch. Fans who opted to get that specific haircut can also download the Golden M Detector app and get a free Big Mac.



Staffan Ekstam, McDonald’s Sweden’s marketing director had this to say:

“When we realized that people were wearing our Golden Arches, we had to act. We started the M Barber Shop not only to guard our Golden M, but also to claim it once and for all. The salon is a celebration dedicated to our beloved ambassadors – a helping hand to guide them on how to keep their M’s in perfect trim, even when we can’t move around as freely as we usually can.”


You can rock the Golden M hairstyle even without blonde hair, but this is one thing the ’90s can take back.



Photos via McDonald’s