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McDonald’s packaging gets a facelift

Was there something wrong with the old packaging?

words by: Natasha Marsh
Mar 3, 2021


In 2018, McDonald’s vowed to have recyclable packaging by 2025. Their latest packaging update is a step in the right direction towards accomplishing this goal. With the help of design agency, Pearlfisher, the mega fast food chain’s new designs aim to bring joy and ease with bold graphics.


Each wrapper is now identifiable with the name of the menu item listed and a graphic to show. The Filet-O-Fish will come in a sandwich container with decorated blue waves across the package. “Simple, bold graphics that nod to our world famous menu items are combined with a playful wink to whatever tasty item is inside. Think melting cheese drips on a Quarter Pounder with Cheese box, bubbles climbing the sides of cold drink cups or a bite missing from the cookie on a pastry bag” McDonald’s said in a press release.


The fast food giant has changed all menu item packaging apart from the fries – which remain in its classic red and gold colorway but with fries graphics on the inside. “Our task was finding out what was really special about each menu item to design a system that would make it easy for others to do the same,” Mia Sia, Pearlfisher creative director said. “We aimed to find the most special, recognizable and iconic expression of each [menu item].” “Anchored and inspired by the Golden Arches, each and every menu item is given the opportunity to appear as its best self: telegraphic, bold, and simple,” Hamish Campbell, executive creative director at Pearlfisher said.


The design firm hopes it will be a new look for a lasting legacy. To ensure one consistent look, the new packaging is set to be in McDonald’s worldwide over the next two years. What are your thoughts on this redesign? It’s definitely not as crazy as opening a barbershop in Sweden featuring golden M arch haircuts.


Photo via Pearlfisher