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Men can (and should) get Facials, too

Here’s what you need to know.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Mar 8, 2020

Men miss out on a lot of things women take for granted. Things that make women happier, healthier and more relaxed. At the top of this list are facials. Similar to a haircut, it’s basically maintenance for your face. And if you trust a professional to cut your hair, why not do the same for your face? 

Confused on what a facial even is? We’re here to help. A facial is a very deep cleansing. The ultimate goal is to relieve stressed out skin by alleviating any insecurities. It will clean pores and exfoliate any dead skin on the top layer of your skin resulting in improved skin tone, removal of dark circles, and a lasting dewy glow.



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Typically, there are five steps to a facial. The first, washes any dirt you may have. Once the face is clean, you undergo a steaming process to open the pores. The dermatologist then does extractions, squeezing out any blackheads or whiteheads. The final steps are our favorite. You know when you eat a cupcake and it has four times as much frosting than cake?

That’s what your face will feel like.

Cream after cream, serum after serum, is then followed by the most luxurious 20 minute massage known to man. 

Regular facials will increase cell regeneration and promote collagen to fight against aging. Increased blood circulation will also give you a great glow weeks later. Most dermatologists recommend facials every four to six weeks to maintain skin optimization. Depending on where you go, facials can cost between $60-$150 dollars. So if it’s too hard to justify the price every four weeks, do one every season as preparation for whatever environmental changes lie ahead. 

The one thing we will say though, if you have any allergies, make sure you tell the practitioner beforehand. There are lots of benefits to facials and an allergic reaction is definitely not one of them. 

So stop avoiding facials in fear of losing your man card. It’s time to facial, guys. Facial hard.