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Activists, this is how you take care of your Mental Health

Therapy is a great way to start.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 7, 2020

As activists, our main goal is to help communities in need. To serve and demand justice. Oftentimes, this leaves little room for resting as the guilt of sitting still is often more overwhelming than the work that needs to be done. But even superheroes need a break! It’s the key in consistently advocating without feeling burned out.


To avoid this and keep you in the fight, we put together the below list on how to manage your mental health without compromising your duties to the oppressed. And don’t worry, we avoided the obvious like get a good night’s sleep, exercise, meditation and journal. All of these are great but sometimes you need an additional step. That’s where the below come in.  



  1. National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network: a healing justice organization designed to transform the mental health of queer and trans people of color. 
  2. Melanin and Mental Health: Created to connect Black, Latinx and Hispanic communities with culturally competent clinicians
  3. Therapy for Black Men and Therapy for Latinx: Platforms for Black and Latinx boys and men to find therapists, life coaches and other health professionals
  4. BEAM: Black Emotional and Mental Health is a group of lawyers, yoga instructors, teachers, activists and therapists all working hard to improve the emotional and mental health state of Black communities



  1. Liberate Meditation: Meditations for Black, indigenous and people of color 
  2. Minds of The Culture: Specifically formed to teach millennials how to manage their mental health. On the app you can find mood journals, blogs, faith-based coping, videos and therapist directories
  3. Rest For Resistance: For the mental health of all marginalized communities. Their current initiative helps LGBTIQ+ people practice being their whole selves


We’ve also started a Dear POC column for those who need help getting on their feet with funds and resources specifically for people of color.