Fashion awards will be taking place in the Metaverse

Everything is in the Metaverse.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jan 27, 2022

Fashion took a leap into the ether last year, compiling digital collections, AR gear, virtual stores, and video game skins, while everyone started talking nonstop about the “Metaverse.”


Isn’t the Metaverse, after all, just the internet? Isn’t it true that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing, fantasizing about, and writing about the great majority of art in 2D on screen? People who buy fashion NFTs are very passionate about screenshots, as evidenced by the rise of fashion NFTs.


But the metaverse makes digital hybridity a viable possibility, which has piqued the industry’s interest in an unexpected way. As a result, Roblox, the massive gaming platform, has teamed up with the Fashion Awards to create an “immersive red carpet,” for those of us who will be watching the show from home.


Gucci designed a collection of items for users to purchase as part of the game, with earnings going to the British Fashion Council’s charity. The BFC also established a new award category, the first-ever fashion award for Metaverse design.


Roblox Vice President Christina Wooton said:

“The next generation of designers are dressing avatars, and they are doing it on Roblox where anyone can be a creator, starting with their own digital identity. Fashion is about what’s next and finding new voices with clear visions, and this talent is emerging in the metaverse. It is the global creative space for designers who are bringing limitless self-expression opportunities to people around the world, setting new trends that are starting to move into real life, and sharing their expertise with top brands. This recognition from a powerful fashion institution declares loud and clear that this is the space to watch for future fashion trends and talent.”


Caroline Rush, CEO of the British Fashion Council added:

“As we continue to reposition The Fashion Awards as a global entertainment platform, we are so excited to announce this project with Roblox. By awarding the platform’s creators we are recognising the powerful global impact of digital fashion on communities around the world, its ability to create new trends in fashion, as well as the incredible opportunities it provides for talented young creators. I was blown away by the work and creativity of all the nominees and am looking forward to exploring The Fashion Awards experience in the metaverse.”


Roblox hosted the fashion awards between November 29 and December 7, 2021. If we stop for a moment and think about the insane way that the Metaverse is changing our world, we can start to realize that our world is truly becoming increasingly digital.


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Photo via Business Wire