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Michelle Obama launches Vote 4Ever Merch line

We want it all.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 15, 2020

In honor of Michelle Obama releasing Vote 4Ever Merch, a brand-new line of voter merchandise under her organization When We All Vote – we put together the below items that will inspire you and your circles to vote! This is going to be a very important election, arguably the most important the country has seen so #rockthevote.  


Mrs. Obama’s collection has tons of Black-owned and women-owned products. You can get candles, mugs, gender-neutral clothing and so much more. A portion of all the proceeds will go towards registering and empowering voters. 


When We All Vote x Franca mug ($38)


X When We All Vote Mask ($48)


Voter Sweatshirt ($150)


Voter Sweatpants ($150)


Make sure you’ve registered to vote, check here!!


Photo via Vote 4Ever Merch