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The 5 products needed for a Minimalist Skincare routine

Less is more.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Nov 5, 2021

We get that it’s easy to become a product junkie with all the cheap skincare products out there, but, did you know a complicated regimen can actually damage the skin barrier and unbalance the natural pH of the skin? So if you feel like your skincare routine is too complex or you are new to the process and want something very simple, allow this quick guide to be your minimalist skincare guru.


The 5 products

The more products and ingredients you use, the greater opportunity there is for irritation and acne. If you’d like to go the minimalist route, opt for the five products below.


  1. Cleanser: You don’t necessarily need to cleanse your skin in the morning, but definitely at night to rid it of all the external pollutants (dirt, debris, and bacteria).
  2. Exfoliator: Gentle exfoliation is a great way to maintain good skin.
  3. Sunscreen: Sun protection is key to great, healthy skin. You should apply it in the morning, at night and multiple times a day, especially if you are outdoors.
  4. Moisturizer: A great multi-use product as it can triple as an eye cream and neck cream. Moisturizers will do a great job at getting water to the skin, while locking in moisture.
  5. Spot Treatment: This is of course optional if you don’t have active acne. It could be a Vitamin C, retinoid or acne medicine.


As a bonus, if you are interested in what you don’t absolutely need, we have the below list for that.


  1. Toners: A toner can be acidic (which would go in the exfoliator category) or basic, that works simple to remove residue. However, if you’re washing your face with a cleanser, than a basic toner is redundant.
  2. Face mist: They claim to offer enhanced hydration but if you have a good moisturizer, you’ll still get the benefits.
  3. Face masks: They feel and look cool, but are totally unnecessary.


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