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Fire Finds: Modern Sprout Smart LED Light Growframe

Bring a little of the outdoors inside, in style.

words by: Matt Peng
Mar 12, 2021

I have more than a handful of friends who’ve become plant parents in the last year due to the pandemic. Whether or not they can keep those plants alive is another question altogether. For this week’s Fire Finds, we’re gonna cater to everyone that’s trying to bring a little green into their lives, whether it be at home or in their shop. Thanks to MoMA’s Design Store, there’s a brilliant solution to help you not only display your plants and greenery, but also keep them healthy.


The Modern Sprout Smart LED Light Growframe measures 17″ x 21″ x 5.5″ (height, width, depth) and is made in the US. For those that don’t have a lot of sunshine in their homes – or filled those spots to the brim already with other plants – this is the product for you to take a look at. Presenting your plants in an artistic manner, the LEDs on top provide a natural 4000K white light with a 1480 lumen output that not only helps keep the plants healthy but can also act as a framed presentation of your fully maturated (and planted) greenery. I say planted because the downside of this frame is it doesn’t include planters, so you’re on your own to make it work with what you have or find a perfect sized match. It’s recommended that you pair plants which require similar light intensity and vegetative, fruiting or flowering plants that are small to medium in size. Sounds easy enough.



I’m also super drawn into the fact that this piece is made of steel – it’s a great contrast to the natural product it displays. I like the duality it represents of city living – that literal Concrete Jungle feeling. And with city living, comes the amazing technological aspect too. This frame is smart app enabled so you can connect to the Modern Sprout App and customize your LED for partial shade, partial sun and full sun plants – made possible by 92+ CRI Dimmable full-spectrum LEDs.


While this innovative frame will set you back $190 ($171 if you’re a MoMA member), it’s definitely worth it to feed your inner botanist. Head over to to purchase it in black, white or yellow. Expect a $10 delivery fee as well.



Photos via MoMA Design Store