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A 90-minute plane ride over Mount Fuji instantly sold out… twice!

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Oct 13, 2020

Back in May, the Shizuoka Prefecture government announced that Mount Fuji will be closed all summer due to the coronavirus pandemic. Seeing as the world did not get a hang of the situation yet, it has now been announced that further closures to the historic mountain will ensue throughout the winter season.


In light of this news, Japan’s Fuji Dream Airlines managed to find a way to allow travelers the opportunity to experience the beautiful landmark even during a pandemic. The airline is offering a sightseeing flight experience over Mount Fuji


The flight’s duration totals 90 minutes and is priced at $300, a very affordable deal. Mount Fuji is Japan’s tallest mountain, and this flight will offer panoramic views that are as exceptional as they are unique.


Here’s the caveat though, in order to get on this sightseeing flight, you will have to board from Nagoya’s Komaki Airport in Japan. The first flight was set to take place on September 20, and sold out within hours. New added flights took off on October 3 and 4 but those were also sold out within the day.


We are not sure if more flights will be added, but seeing that this trip seems to be very much in demand, we are sure that the airlines will add more flights over the next month.