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We should stop calling the return of the Mullet a comeback

It’s back to stay.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jun 9, 2022

It seems that every summer, major news outlets come out with headlines that say something along the lines of “the mullet is making a comeback.” In reality, we have to just accept that mullets are just here to stay, and they’re not necessarily making a comeback. Yes, they have been more and more featured in fashion shows this year, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t been around since at least 2017.


The most recent news explains that the hairstyle is finding its way to runways, prompted by Lil Nas X’s appearance on the red carpet at MTV’s Video Music Awards last fall, with his lavender hybrid outfit by Atelier Versace and sporting a mullet styled in a Jheri curl, mixing masculine and feminine energies.


Even though more and more mainstream celebrities are embracing the mullet hairstyle—with its gender-bending look, that still doesn’t make it a “comeback.”


The mullet has been around forever, and we mean, actually forever. Evidence has been found of similar hairstyles in statues from ancient Greece, Egypt, and Assyria. Apparently, the style was very popular amongst fighters and warriors, seeing as there is something akin to a helmet in the style. Not only that, but the way Greek gods and mythological creatures were described confirms that the mullet was pretty popular at the time.


But it doesn’t really stop in ancient civilizations. In fact, many celebrities from the ’70s and ’80s, and even ’90s have adopted the look as their own. After all, the mullet has always been perceived as an opposition to conventions, making it the hairstyle for “outlaws.” But every couple of years, we start seeing more and more of it on the streets and on the runways, meaning that the hairstyle never really runs out of style.


The mullet has historically played a big role in many punk and underground movements, namely in the ’70s, pioneered by David Bowie. We are personally very happy to see the style taking on more of a mainstream popularity, which means it really is time to retire the idea of a “comeback for the mullet.” After all, it is quite hard to walk down a street in 2022 and not come across a mullet.


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