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Why is the Skincare industry obsessed with mushrooms?

Do they really have all the benefits?

words by: Natasha Marsh
Apr 11, 2022

There comes a time when an ingredient or popular product takes the world by storm. Think about kale when it first became popular. People wanted kale everything: kale salad, kale chips, kale smoothies, kale soup. You couldn’t go to a restaurant without having a plethora of kale options. Then there was celery. At least in Los Angeles, people were eating celery like it was their job. They were putting it in everything but mainly juicing it after hearing top celebrities were juicing for better health. We even had an all-state shortage on celery because so many people were buying the stores out. 


The same thing happened with White Claws in Los Angeles, Boston, and New York City. During the pandemic, people could not get enough of White Claws and were consuming it at rapid speeds that the supply was declining. Eventually, in all three of those cities, the people bought it out entirely and had to live without White Claws for a couple weeks while manufactures made more. Like I said, there comes a time when an ingredient or popular product becomes so buzzy that people can’t stop consuming and talking about it.


The latest: Mushrooms. Mushrooms truly are everywhere right now. And not just for cooking. You can find them in supplements, daily vitamins, jewelry pieces, clothing, lamps, and perhaps the biggest category — skincare. Although it’s extremely trendy to use mushrooms in skincare right now, the practice is anything but new.


Traditional Chinese medicine has been using reishi and cordyceps for centuries. Mushrooms are known to reduce inflammation, minimize premature aging, and  boost total health. Not to mention mushrooms are adaptogens. Meaning they help relieve stress, anxiety, fatigue, and boost overall wellbeing. Mushrooms also come from the ground and are a natural way to get these nutrients and benefits into the skin. 


When applied topically in hydrating serums and glow-producing facial moisturizers, it can act as a barrier or armor against environmental factors like dirt, pollution, and bacteria. It also helps neutralize the skin’s pH balance back to 0 which will help the skin better react to certain products and climates. As an added bonus, mushrooms can also help diminish dark spots overtime. They really do get better and yield more results with time. It’s one of those products that isn’t just the hype of a White Claw or celery, although celery does have loads of benefits, but it is something that actually works to heal your skin properly and for long-lasting results.


Remember what we said about mushrooms being able to heal internally? Let’s talk about a different type of mushroom and how it may be able to do just that with your mental health.