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Adult emos losing minds as My Chemical Romance is back

“I’m Not Okay (I Promise).”

words by: Kayla Carmicheal
May 30, 2022

In 2019, My Chemical Romance announced a reunion tour for 2020. People went wild. It’s worth mentioning that MCR’s breakup in 2013 upset emos everywhere. For many, it came out of the clear blue sky. After all, they’d been touring in support of their new album and playing the world’s biggest festivals. They’d hit the top of the rock charts and were playing sets on MTV. (Later, it was revealed that “it just wasn’t fun anymore.”)


So when it was official that the band was ready to give it another go, fans couldn’t wait to get their tickets. Naturally, I don’t have to tell you what happened to the 2020 performances.


After two pushbacks, the tour is now finally set in stone for 2022. Hopefully. But while it’d been a sure thing the band was reuniting for a tour, that didn’t necessarily mean they were back together formally. It’s normal for bands who aren’t active to perform sets at festivals or hold shows for special occasions. So it was largely assumed that was the case.


Then, “The Foundations of Decay” happened. (Which, by the way, is an excellent song—especially if you’re into post-punk melodies and power chords).



It’s always exciting when musicians you like come out with new music. But if a band that has been silent for the better part of a decade comes out of nowhere with a new sound and song, then immediately embarks on a UK tour… people are bound to get… well… emo. MCR is officially back, baby!


What we’ve seen, as a result of the prolific band’s return, is a ton of adults reverting back to their teenage years. The world has been on a nostalgia kick lately, and millennials have been the driving force behind it. Everything from the 2000s is coming back, in every market. This isn’t a bad thing, though.


Diving into nostalgia is fun. It’s familiar and lucrative, as we’ve seen. And, because of the state of the world, it’s fun to shut off your brain for a few moments and think back to a simpler time. Nothing is wrong with fishing out merch from 2006 and making a funny TikTok about how excited you are for a band’s return.


Nothing is wrong with getting a little emotional, in some cases, sobbing. However, it’s probably a cause for concern if you fish out the eyeliner MCR released two years ago and make a TikTok about it. Especially at the very naïve age of over 30. (Fun fact: Makeup expires after 12 months. Like… really expires). But, as we know, people will do almost anything for views and engagement.


As a casual listener of the band since 2006, I hope MCR releases a new album. Even better if it sounds like the new song. My Chemical Romance is kicking once again, and I’m stoked.


By the way, it looks like MCR is performing at When We Were Young Fest, the totally real and legitimate music festival happening in Vegas with an interesting marketing plan.


Photo via Frances Beach for NME