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Why we should all be wearing N95/KN95 masks – and doubling up

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Feb 5, 2021

We are nearing one year into the pandemic, and now that a new administration is in place, everyone is working at high speeds to ensure we see the end of this whirlwind. Getting Americans masked up and vaccinated is a top priority for the Biden administration.


Recent studies published by the NY Times have shown that the N95 and KN95 masks may be our only saving grace to warn off the dangers of new COVID-19 variants. Scientists are urging people to double up on masks, if N95s and KN95s are not available, one should wear at least one surgical mask and one fabric-based mask. Fabric masks only protect up to 10% against contracting the new variants of COVID-19.


We are bracing for a tough winter and perhaps a tougher spring, so it is everyone’s responsibility to be as safe as possible.  According to CNN, “N95 masks are considered the gold standard in personal protective equipment because they block 95% of large and small particles utilizing a unique electrostatic filter.”