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What is Nasturtium Extract and how does it help your Hair?

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words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 28, 2022

Keratin, the fibrous protein that makes up 90% of hair strands, is most known for its smooth and shiny effects on hair. Many people look for natural treatments that repair and boost the keratin in hair. A great natural ingredient for this is nasturtium extract.


What is nasturtium extract?

Nasturtium is a plant with bright yellow, orange and red flowers. When extracted, the stems and leaves are rich in nutrients like sulfur, and are very beneficial for your skin and scalp. As it turns out, this extract could be the solution for brittle hair.


What are the benefits?

Nasturtium extract is filled with good ingredients (Vitamin A, C, and E, flavonoids, and sulfur, to name a few) that improve hair strength, skin, and scalp health. They are also anti-inflammatory, helping with hair thinning issues as well. The sulfur content in nasturtium extract is beneficial to the keratin protein in hair and skin. Sulfur, in unity with the zinc and magnesium, reinforce the keratin to make sure strands and resilient and strong.


The most common benefit however, is the ability to repair the keratin sulfur bonds and strengthen brittle and damaged hair.


Keratin actually makes up 90% of strands, and by reducing scalp inflammation, it acts like a clarifier, removing bacteria and fungus that may cause inflammation. Plus, the super-ingredient will help repair damage of the sun’s rays, pollution, and other environmental risks.


Add it in your hair routine

Let’s first start by saying nasturtium extract is safe for all hair types, especially for damaged, colored, or thin hair. Essentially, anyone experiencing breakage or damage will benefit from this powerful extract. And, if you experience dandruff or an oily scalp, this can be a great clarifying ingredient.


Nasturtium extract can be applied to the hair by adding it to shampoo and using it as a treatment. If you’d like it to affect both the hair and scalp, you have to apply it from roots to ends.


And yes, while it’s a natural ingredient, unfortunately, it’s not immune to all sensitivities and allergic reactions. Experts recommend rinsing it out to avoid possible irritation your first couple of times.


Brittle hair can also benefit from argan oil.


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