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5 clean Grooming brands worth adding to your routine

Check these brands out.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 22, 2020

If you don’t have a skincare routine, what better time to do it than in 2020 when we are forced to stay inside and deal with all the things we never wanted to deal with. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not silly for men to care about their skin. Like women, men age too and there is a way to do it gracefully. And while you’re at it, we should tell you that there are chemicals and alcohols in most grooming products. Because of that, below we bring you five clean grooming products that are made with natural ingredients and will highlight and preserve all your best features. You’re welcome!


Harry’s Truman Razor ($9)

This is by far the best razor on the market. The textured grip of the handle is supportive and feels comfortable as it glides across your face. German-made blades are sharp without carving out the skin. With a precision trimmer, you’ll be able to get the small areas easier. Plus, never run out when you sign up for their subscription service. 


L’Oreal Paris Hydra Energetic Facial Wash ($7.82)

Washing your face is the best way to avoid breakouts and rid yourself of the dirt and other pollutants that can engage with the face throughout the day. If you don’t have a face wash, allow us to introduce you to the only one you’ll ever need. As a long time L’Oreal lover, I might be biased but this face wash is amazing. This stuff is made with charcoal that helps move dirt from seeping in and fights pores from clogging. 


Lab Series Age Rescue Lotion ($55)

Although it has a high price tag, Lab Series makes the most premium moisturizers. Not too light or greasy, but with perfect consistency. It has the smell of clean luxury and can be used on almost any skin type.  


EIR NYC Pitted Deodorant ($22)

Perfect for the environmentalist, this deodorant comes in a biodegradable tube and has evergreen tree scents. The protection is amazing and definitely worth the money. 


Maapilim Facial Mud Mask ($38)

Mud masks might seem girly but the soon you try one, you’ll be so relaxed you won’t even care. It instantly will translate you to a private island, sipping cocktails. Keep this one on until it dries (about 20 minutes) and wash it off with a cloth. Your pores and oily-skin will thank you for this.


Photo via EiR NYC