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If I switched to Natural Deodorant will it minimize my Body Odor?


words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 24, 2020

As an athlete – and someone who runs very warm in general – I sweat a lot. Like a lot, a lot. Luckily though, that sweat is never that smelly. Because I never actually smell, I only really wear deodorant on important days like big work meetings, events, weddings and such. Now with COVID, and sheltering-in-home, I’ve stopped wearing deodorant and if I feel like I need some extra love, I’ll apply a natural deodorant


Many switch to natural deodorants to reduce the chemical or metal build up on your skin; or to reduce pit stains from sweat mixing with aluminum. Both great reasons, but the transition can often come with extra sweat and body odor. 


Rest assured that this extra heat is only temporary, and take a few weeks to subside while your skin clears itself of any unnecessary buildup. The smell is really just excess buildup or bacteria residue, and the natural deodorant will work to fight bacteria off. 


If you find the smell unbearable, experts recommend washing underarms daily with hot water and soap. Let the soap sit on your armpits for 30 seconds, as an added step you can gently exfoliate with a loofah and brush as well. This can help remove any dry skin that could be holding the odorous bacteria. 


Breaking the habit isn’t always easy but your body will thank you for the non-toxic habits. All in all, transitional body odor is unfortunate, but shouldn’t stop you from going natural.