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A 2020 Win: the NBA will return next month

words by: Natasha Marsh
Nov 14, 2020

For the first time in really trying months, Americans are feeling a sense of relief after the announcement of President-Elect Joe Biden. And with that it seems like 2020 can have some wins. Which brings us to the NBA


Basketball is returning! After the Lakers took the ring this past October, basketball fans feared we would have to wait months and months till the next season began. Well our anxiety was put to bed with the announcement from the National Association of Basketball board of representatives that a 72-game season will commence on December 22.  


There aren’t too many more details publicly known but there is speculation that training camp will begin December 1. “Additional details remain to be negotiated and the NBPA is confident that the parties will reach agreement on these remaining issues relevant to the upcoming season,” a recent statement revealed. 


The league anticipates games on Christmas day and the season finishing just before the Summer Olympics in July 2021. 


The full schedule will be released in the coming weeks so stay tuned!