An update on Netflix’s live action ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’

We’re living on a razor’s edge with high expectations.

words by: Alee Kwong
Feb 16, 2022

In September 2018, Netflix announced that they officially green-lit a live action adaption of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The adaptation of the Nickelodeon series has finally begun production. After taking some time to get production moving, Netflix announced casting for Uncle Iroh (played by Kim’s Convenience actor, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee), and Commander Zhao (played by Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor Ken Leung), late last year. They previously announced Gordon Cormier as Aang, Kiawentiio Tarbell as Katara, Ian Ousley as Sokka, and Dallas Liu as Prince Zuko.


Actor Daniel Dae Kim, who has been cast to play Fire Lord Ozai in the series, spoke about the show’s current production timeline during a recent interview with Collider in November 2021. When asked if he knew when filming on the series was to begin, Kim responded by saying, “I think production starts in a couple of weeks.”


Back in July 2021, it was believed that production on Avatar: The Last Airbender would begin sometime in November 2021. However, that was never officially confirmed. The series even changed its working title in recently, going from Trade Winds to Blue Dawn. No official statement has been released by Netflix to confirm a production date as of yet, and there is also no expected or official release date for the series.



Originally, the series was set to see the return of the original series creators, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. The creators later parted ways with Netflix, claiming creative differences over the direction of the series. Netflix has since brought in Albert Kim to serve as the series showrunner, while DiMartino and Konietzko have gone on to partner with Nickelodeon to form Avatar Studios.


During the announcement, Melissa Cobb, vice president of Kids Entertainment at Netflix said:


“We are committed to honoring Bryan and Mike’s vision for this retelling and are thrilled to support them on creating a live-action event series, bringing Aang’s epic world of elemental magic to life for global audiences on Netflix.”


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Photos via Netflix and Nickelodeon