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You can now watch Hulu, Disney+ and HBO on Netflix Party

words by: Natasha Marsh
Dec 5, 2020

Binge watching my favorite shows on Netflix Party with friends has become a great past time activity while in lockdown this year. And with the recent announcement, this staple activity just got a much appreciated upgrade. As of October 14, Netflix Party is now Teleparty, including shows and movies on Hulu, HBO, and Disney+, in addition to the original Netflix offering.


To obtain the Google Chrome extension, Teleparty, all you need to do is make sure everyone watching has an account on the streaming site you’re watching. Once this is done, you will have the option to live watch TV shows and chat with friends as if you were sitting right next to them. It’s the perfect solution to in-person hang outs and movie nights during a pandemic.


For those of you who already had Netflix Party, Netflix was kind enough to automatically change to Teleparty for you. If you need to download the extension, go to the Google Chrome web store. Once all friends involved have the extension, dedicate someone to open up the show and click “Start the party” and send the link to everyone else. This will prompt the video to start on all screens and the chat box will appear.


Have fun watching with your friends!


Photo via Netflix