Never lose your keys or phone again with these trackers

Three easy solutions.

words by: Team ULTRA
Feb 20, 2020

So you are constantly losing your keys, your phone, your wallet? Everyone’s sick of you asking “Did anyone see my phone?” – let’s spare you the trouble. Here are some of the best trackers that you can attach to your devices. 


Tile Sticker Two-Pack

$30 – Buy here.

The new Tile Sticker is a sure-fire solution to the continual loss of your belongings. It sticks to virtually anything. 

This ubiquitous Bluetooth tracker with an adhesive back has been made even more useful by its 3 year battery life, 150 feet range, and its new waterproof design. This tracker is effortlessly convenient, and with its new adhesive quality, you can pretty much track anything you wish to (even your favorite shirt if that’s your thing).


Chipolo One

$25 – Buy here.

This one’s a little more targeted, but Chipolo One is perfect for finding your keys, bag, or backpack in seconds. It’s punched out to be hooked onto many items. You can use the Chipolo app to ring your misplaced item or double click on Chipolo to find your phone. But here’s the best part: you can get a notification from the app if you leave your item behind, so you’re sure never to forget your backpack or wallet at the rowdy bar.


Pebblebee Finder

$25 – Buy here.

The Pebblebee Finder is the sleekest looking one in the bunch. Its metal outer ring makes it feel more discreet than the Tile Sticker or Chipolo One, though it is heavier.

Pebblebee’s performance delivers with its 200-foot range. Its ringer volume is loud enough to hear around the house, and some crowded places too. The app is full-featured, with a color-coded system that shows you the distance of your finder. This tracker also features a “Left Behind” alert, which notifies you when you’ve walked out on your things. 


Since all three trackers offer more or less similar features, you’ve gotta trust your gut in picking your tracker. Between these three options, we’re sure you’re set!