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This just in, NYFW will happen

Mask on?

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 8, 2020

Similar to New York not being dead (thanks Jerry), New York Fashion Week – although we predicted it would be – is not dead, yet. 


Andrew M. Cuomo, New York Governor, has officially given IMG (producers of New York Fashion Week) the stamp of approval to conduct the shows. Before you get excited, there are many restrictions in place to abide by the COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations from the CDC. According to WWD, outdoor events will be capped at 50 people and indoor events will need to maintain 50% capacity. Aka, this season of shows will be spectator-less as the cast and crew easily make up a large percentage of the allotted amount. Social distancing and face masks are required as well as a travel advisory. The organizers must have temperature checks and health screening procedures for all crew and guests. 


It will be a very different fashion week this September. Many fashion photographers often bank on the street style that comes out. Wannabe fashion girls and guys often buy their way in, with some show tickets as high as $500. It will be interesting to see how designers, fans, and editors adapt this year.


Photo via John Salangsang/Variety/REX/Shutterstock