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Fundraising sidewalk sale in Greenpoint is the place to be in NYC

Where you at this weekend?

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Aug 21, 2020

What do you get when artists, designers, and skaters team up? A weekly fundraising sale that’s raised over $150,000 for good causes and Brooklyn’s newest and coolest hangout spot.


The “Black Lives Matter Sidewalk Sale,” which has taken place on Sundays at McGolrick Park in Brooklyn since early June, has brought so many people together, outdoors, fundraising and celebrating each other.


The famous Greenpoint park already hosts a Sunday farmer’s market that serves the best produce out there, and now, on its northwest corner, just outside the gates (which you will immediately recognize), a new weekly fundraising event akin to a block party has been shaping up since June. What is now known simply as “Sidewalk Sale” began with four friends setting up a couple of tables to sell some of their old skateboards as well as Supreme merch. It then quickly developed into a major fundraising endeavor that managed to raise over $150,000 which were distributed to mutual aid funds and grassroots organizations.


The bi-weekly, vendor-oriented gathering and fundraiser is rooted in the skate world and skate culture. Among the coolest things the event has expanded to include are outdoor street-side haircuts by the hairdresser Dylan Chavles, as well as a vintage selection from stylists such as Haley Wollens and even bouquets by Sachiko Clyde.


Initiated by a group of friends just after a week following George Floyd’s death, no one had any idea how much this endeavor would expand and attract people from the neighborhood and beyond. Music is blasting, people are shopping, chatting, and enjoying the last bits of summer outdoors. This goes to prove, once again, that all it takes is a small group of people to begin change at a larger scale.


If you happen to be in Brooklyn on a Sunday, we highly recommend popping by Sidewalk Sale in McGolrick Park between Russell Street and Nassau Ave.


Photo via Andrew White/GQ