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There’s an NFT design space where you can be in virtual reality

Riddle me this.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Dec 26, 2021

The Meeting Place is a virtual reality-based NFT design space. Benny Or Studio is auctioning an interactive NFT titled “The Meeting Place” on the digital art marketplace SuperRare, with the help of digital artist Krista Kim.


“The Meeting Place,” created by artists Benny Or and Cyril Lancelin, is meant to serve as a virtual reality-based work and play environment. The NFT, which is part installation and part architectural design, is integrated with Spatial, a 3D design and augmented reality/virtual reality platform, but it may also be utilized on other Metaverse platforms.


Digital artist Kim spoke about the support of the project, saying:

“This project is the first generation of immersive metaverse spaces that are out-of-the-box and interoperable. There will be more demand for ready-made spaces like this one, because we need extraterrestrial spaces that defy the laws of physics and spark our imaginations. Art and architecture are one in the metaverse.”


The bright pink façade hides a place that may be used for a variety of things, including hosting a virtual art gallery, creating a co-working area, or serving as a meeting space.


Users can upload 2D photographs and 3D models to “The Meeting Place” on Spatial and interact with them as they would in the real world, bringing the place to life. When they initially met, Benny Or and Cyril Lancelin soon became friends because they both believed that digital worlds should be more than just digital reproductions of the real world.


They described “The Meeting Place” as a space that is: “unbound by function and physics.” They were inspired by the possibility that a virtual space could be architecture as well as art. “‘The Meeting Place’ is the artists’ vision for what the metaverse can become someday, a place of inspiration and beauty. Or, as Or put it, “The Meeting Place” was created to bridge the gap between virtual and actual events.


The structure, a hovering inverted triangle, is surrounded by concrete textures and a blue sky, with the goal of making the piece feel “familiar” while keeping its odd and quirky character. This thoughtful design encourages interaction and collaboration. The collaborators intended for people to feel happy when they’re in the space: “By providing them with a place where they really want to be, it encourages them to invite others to join in.”


“The Meeting Place” is now open to the public.


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Photo via The Meeting Place