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Nightlife is alive and well – you just have to download Zoom

Welcome to my Zoom party.

words by: Ronaldo Espinoza
Apr 19, 2020

It’s time to face the reality of the situation if you haven’t already: wherever you’re reading this, you won’t be leaving anytime soon. Whether it’s one more month, one less hot girl summer, or maybe even the rest of the year, COVID-19 has put the world on pause. A lot of people are taking the opportunity to finally ride their bikes, learn an instrument, meditate, and those of us lucky to work remote are business-as-usual (in PJs).

At night, the party rages on. You just have to download Zoom. 

Zoom parties are increasingly becoming the norm—but partymakers have taken our only option and really built it into something marvelous. From Club Quarantine’s rise as the virtual queer nightclub, featuring DJ sets from Charli XCX and a cap of 1000, to QPOC parties Dick Appointment, Perreo Intenso, and BUFU curating 24-hour line-ups and special livestream parties, there’s a chatroom rave for every taste.



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If you’ve yet to find that, make it yourself—Zoom hangs, and larger Zoom parties where anyone can get in, are a lot funner than they sound. Think back to your Omegle chatroom days, tap back into the Tumblr mentality, and talk to strangers on the internet! It’s all we have right now.

If we can’t clink glasses with our friends (and potential lovers) IRL, seeing their sweet faces on tiny screens listening to the same music and getting on your level should suffice. We can’t yet cure our hangovers together or dance in the same room, and God knows how long it’ll take for us all to want to do that again, but won’t that make the first post-quarantine IRL party that much more delicious?