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Nike teams up with Black Girl Ventures

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jan 29, 2021

Nike has been making strides in social justice, education and economic opportunity for the Black community for years, with a great focus following the police brutality that took place in 2020. In addition to millions of dollars in donations, the megabrand has used Colin Kaepernick on advertisements to back their stance on racism and equality, and more recently was one of the first brands to make Juneteenth an official company-wide holiday.
Their newest announcement: a partnership with Black Girl Ventures, investing a total of $500,000 to the nonprofit organization to provide Black and Brown women-identifying founders with access and capital. Black Girl Ventures is right in line with their commitments to Black Girls CODE, NAACP Empowerment Programs and more.


Shelly Bell, founder and CEO of Black Girl Ventures said in a press statement:

“Nike’s funding will help us grow our reach through new chapter development, increase our technology infrastructure to better serve Black and Brown leaders through our proprietary crowdfunding platform and increase our brand visibility through storytelling campaigns curated by Black and Brown women.”

With this, Nike still plans to continue their long-term commitments with Jackie Robinson Foundation, National Civil Rights Museum and more.
Photo via Nike