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Nike now has a recycling resale program

Nike Refurbished is here.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Apr 25, 2021

Nike’s first-ever resale program, Nike Refurbished, launched earlier this month. Now instead of selling your pre-used Nike sneakers on places like StockX, Grailed, GOAT, or the likes, you can take them back to where you bought them, a Nike store.


Nike will be taking back sneakers (within 60 days of purchase) and grading them on a scale from like-new to cosmetically flawed and then reselling them. Shoes that are too worn will be recycled. It’s important to note that if you partake in their resale program, there is no incentive. Instead of other retailers who offer gift cards or cash values for worn items, Nike’s goal with this initiative is to take items that would typically be given to a landfill. In other words, items that wouldn’t be able eligible for secondhand shops.


In a way this is cool, it makes us think that they are more concerned about the environmental impact of products, as its end-of-life is concerned. This ties more in line with their sustainability efforts and we hope to see this program save a lot of sneakers from unnecessary landfills. In our opinion, consumers are always enticed by a give-back incentive so it will be interesting to see the success of this program, knowing that sneakerheads so regularly use secondhand shops that offer them cash.


The initiative will launch at 15 of their most popular locations this month and more throughout 2021.


Photo via Nike