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Nike has a SNKRS Live open call, apply now

Your dream job awaits.

words by: Matt Peng
Sep 2, 2022

Have you ever said to yourself “Yo, I could do what they do but better” when Nike SNKRS Live programs air? Well, Nike (a partner agency actually) is giving you a chance to prove it.


The Swoosh has put out an open casting call for any and all sneakerheads who believe they would be a good talking head. The messaging reads “We’re looking for new hosts to add to our SNKRS Live roster. Could it be you?… Not a Nike employment opportunity. Host will be contracted on a per-appearance basis through a Nike agency partner.”


How to apply

In order to enter your name into the bid, you need to fill out a form at with your full name, email address, age (you must be 18+), answer 6 yes or no questions, add your social media handles and submit a video of yourself.


The yes or no question portion includes whether or not you live in NYC’s 5 boroughs as this is a requirement, if you have media or on-camera experience, if you can dedicate 8-10 hours for production, if you are currently sponsored, if you are currently employed, and if you can attend the live in-person audition in NYC on September 19 or 20.


Additionally, Nike also asks you about your favorite pairs of Nikes in your collection. For the audition video, you will be asked to tell the story of your most worn pair of Nikes and your favorite thing to do on the weekends in a 1-minute video.



A list of questions and answers were also provided on the bottom of the page.


Is on-camera / media experience a requirement?

On-camera and/or media experience is not required to become a host, but it is of course relevant. Not having on-camera or media experience, will not immediately disqualify applicants.


Why do you need to know my age?

You must be an adult to apply (18+). While being over 22 is not a restriction for this opportunity, it is a factor in the selection process.


Is living in or near NYC’s 5 boroughs a requirement?

Living in or near NYC’s 5 boroughs is required as production and filming takes place in Manhattan.


What is the selection process?

Host applications will be reviewed by a committee, and selected applicants will be invited for live interviews and on-camera auditions in a Manhattan-based studio. From the audition process, hosts will be selected and contacted for future opportunities.


Will there be future opportunities for hosts outside the 5 boroughs of NYC?

There may be future opportunities for hosts outside the 5 boroughs of NYC. Keep an eye out in the space for any future announcements.


Is this a paid opportunity?

Hosts will be paid for their services on a per-appearance basis.


The deadline to apply is September 5, which also happens to be Labor Day so get it done this weekend!


This is your shot to be hosting a Nike SNKRS Live segment so don’t sleep on it! If you have questions, you can email [email protected].


And in case you didn’t know, Nike was named the World’s Most Valuable Brand in 2022.


Photo via Nike