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“Not Dead Yet” is Noah’s new recycling program

The latest buyback program out there.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Mar 20, 2021

Recycling and buyback programs are gaining a lot of traction these days. Now, Noahis hopping on the train. The brand recently announced its new initiative called “Not Dead Yet” and this new initiative allows customers to return their new or used items and exchange them for store credit.


Every brand has devised a different system for recycling their products and staying true to their sustainability missions. Noah plans to do many different things with the returned pieces: some of them will be washed, repaired, and then resold, and others will be donated and/or recycled.


On their website, Noah wrote: “We don’t think of clothing as disposable, or even particularly seasonal. We encourage people to buy only things they truly love. But sometimes you fall out of love; sometimes you outgrow a certain garment, either physically or emotionally. We know there’s no shortage of options when it’s time to move on, either by reselling stuff online or seeing what you can get from a vintage store. But we’d like to offer an alternative for used Noah items: bring or send them home.” They also added “We’ll treat them right. We made them, after all, and we have a lot of love for the things we’ve made. In return for reuniting us with our designs, we’ll give you credit towards a new Noah purchase. What we’re really excited about is finding ways to keep our clothes in use, rather than forgotten or thrown away.”


Noah is following suit after the beloved Patagonia started a similar buyback program earlier. Patagonia’s model has proved to be successful, and many consumers responded very well to it. Levi’s also started a similar initiative. Since activewear has become less about working out and more as a regular offering for fashion and style, buyback programs such as Noah’s and Patagonia’s seem to be answering a huge demand.


Read more on Noah’s blog to learn about how you can participate in this movement.


Photo via Noah