Fire Finds: Noah Fabrics Guide

Breaking down this season’s pieces.

words by: Matt Peng
Feb 26, 2021

This week’s Fire Finds is different from previous ones. This week I’m not gonna talk about a product to invest your hard earned money into – instead, I’m going to talk about a brand that is offering free knowledge and transparency to its consumer base.


One of the reasons that New York-based brand Noah is so popular both amongst the Concrete Jungle crowd and those around the world is that founder Brendon Babenzien is extremely transparent – not only on social, political, economical, cultural and race issues, but also with their actual products and materials. It took a pandemic to force the fashion industry into realizing that the damaging waste from clothing materials is truly changing our planet’s climate. While some brands claim they’ve turned incorporated a culture of recycling, upcycling and thinking with an eco-conscious mindset, Noah is out here actually showing us these facts. For their Spring/Summer 2021 collection, the brands has updated their website with a “Fabrics” page that breaks down exactly what materials go into each piece, the country it originated from, how heavy it is, what it features and even offers a link to the final product itself.


The brand doesn’t make grandiose claims that they’re 100% sustainable but they do show us exactly how much of a certain fabric is made with recycled material or if it can be recycled in the future – this is a great start from both a brand and consumer standpoint. And honestly, this is where ALL brands should be.


I don’t think it’s asking a lot as a conscious consumer for brands to explain to us where and how the final product came to be – especially if we’re shelling out $100+ for tops, $200+ for bottoms and upwards of $500 for outerwear. To me, Noah has started to do the minimum of what every small boutique should be doing and I’m urging others to follow suit. We’ve seen big name retailers and brands like Nike talk about innovation and how they’re going to accomplish major sustainability goals and now we’re seeing boutique brands like Noah following that path in their own way as well.


I’m not gonna front, I couldn’t write this piece in one go because I was constantly intrigued by the different fabrics, patterns and materials I was reading about on that page and wanted to dive deeper. From the recycled canvas used on their work pants to the hearts poplin used on their work shirt to the intasia geelong lambswool on their sweater, it was all a learning experience that anyone interested in fashion should take some time to read and understand. It’s not everyday a brand provides a major learning resource like this and it’s amazing that Noah is setting the bar so high for everyone else to follow. Head to now to learn more.


Photo via Noah