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Non-alcoholic drinks that reduce Stress are a thing – here’s where to get ’em

words by: Natasha Marsh
Nov 18, 2020

In a year of high stress and anxiety, I’ve been very conscious of my alcohol consumption. With all the political turmoil, systemic racism and isolation we’ve experienced this year, I’ve avoided drinking when I’m mad, angry, stressed or overwhelmed. In fact, I only drink if I’m celebrating. This month specifically (apart from celebrating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ victory) I’ve been doing dry November. 


Of course stress and anxiety didn’t completely leave me, but I’ve been able to manage it better. I’ve been disconnecting from work when I feel burnt out, ignoring phone calls when I need personal time and creating time for long walks, fitness activity and jacuzzi sessions. I’ve also just discovered non-alcoholic drinks that reduce stress. 


Whether you’re doing a dry month or just interested in the minimal stress that could ensue, non-alcoholic drinks could be the perfect thing to minimize stress without the hangover. By not consuming alcohol to fight stress, you’ll also experience deeper sleep, positive mood boasts, and a general sense of calm. Below are our two favorite non-alcoholic drinks. 


Kin Euphorics

Elevate your spirit and relax your body is the mantra at Kin. Our favorite is nightcap dream light. Sip on it before bed and have the deepest sleep of your life. 



Coined Recess to offer a moment to reset and rebalance, these drinks set out to calm anxieties and to elevate moods. Instead of an afternoon coffee pick-me up why not try one of their six flavors.


Photo via Recess