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NYC’s Grand Central Terminal has new art installation worth pausing for

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jan 17, 2021

The New York-based installation artist, Jim Hodges, has just unveiled a permanent mirrored glass installation in NYC’s Grand Central Terminal titled “I dreamed a world and called it Love” (2020).


Best known for his sculptures and collages that utilize mixed-media techniques such as artificial flowers, chains, and mirrors, this new public installation is composed of over 5,000 individually cut pieces of glass. The artist layered these pieces in a swirling composition comprised of over 70 colors. The work takes inspiration from themes of movement and immersion, bringing back to our thoughts what once used to be a busy, hurried, and diverse swarm of commuters passing by the iconic station.


In a statement, the artist shares:


“[It] is intended as an offering to honor all citizens, neighbors, and visitors who pass through the space. […] My desire was to rise to the occasion of the historic context of Grand Central Terminal and celebrate the people who give New York its identity for many years to come.” 


Hodges added:


“The site, a bustling corridor in the heart of New York City, prompted a gesture that might provide a momentary illumination, a split second of image and color that frames the moment in time between places.” 


If you happen to be in Grand Central Station anytime soon, make sure to pass by the sculpture and take a closer look.                                                               


Photo via Jim Hodges