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Off-White is the hottest brand in the world right now

Virgil made it.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Feb 19, 2020

Off-White was just named the most popular brand in the world, beating out Gucci, Balenciaga and other luxury designers for the second time in a row. I mean with a celebrity cult attachment, a 9.7 million Instagram following, and an industrial irony to designs – are you even surprised? 

The Lyst Index released their quarterly ranking of fashion’s hottest brands and products. They pulled from Lyst and Google search data, conversion rates and sales, as well as brand and social media mentions over a 3 month period. The categories include: hottest products, largest social media following, and streetwear staples.  Before we get to the numbers, let’s do a quick recap of the brand. 

Virgil Abloh, founder of Off-White, claim to fame started with Kanye West. The pair met in 2011 and quickly became friends and partners – Virgil designed everything from set design, to album work, and eventually became Kanye’s creative director. Since then Virgil has connected with many A-listers: Rhianna’s $1000 “for walking” boots, Kendall Jenner’s all white Met Gala look, and Justin Bieber in the red slouchy shorts. His loyal celebrity clients are many reasons why Off-White is the hottest brand in the world. 

OK, now for the numbers.

The hottest products list is comprised of 20 products, two of them being Off-White. The Off-White x Nike The Ten: Air Presto, released in the summer in both black and white, generated over 252,000 mentions of social. The demand was so unexpected to the brand that not enough pairs were created. The classic black and yellow belt was also seen as a hot product. Available in mini, classic, and crystal, the belt retails from $150 to $70. 




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Social media traffic increased by 10% in the course of a year, with the Instagram account gaining an additional 3.2 million followers. Lyst credits this to the ongoing collaboration with Nike. Who could forget the Serena Williams’ moment at the US open last year. The Nike x Off-White shoes received more than a million social mentions, sparking new audiences for both Nike and Off-White. 


Although Virgil announced he is taking time off to focus on his health, we don’t foresee a decline in popularity for Off-White anytime soon.