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How to properly Network online

words by: Natasha Marsh
Dec 1, 2020

Networking online is a great skill to have when learning about opportunities, career prospects; or getting access to leaders’ tips and advice or more immediate job listings. This skill is proving to be even more necessary in 2020 where networking that previously took place inside board rooms, offices, coffee and happy hours, now happens online.


LinkedIn is a great way to network, especially as more people are working from home. It’s also a great place to house your digital resume for potential recruiters and employers to review. Personally, I’ve made a lot of connections on LinkedIn. I use it to cold email or to find out information about potential insiders and companies that I’m looking to work for.


Below we put together a list of things to think about while networking online.


Think before you reach out

Make sure you are clear on why you’re reaching out. Are you looking for more information on a role or company? Are you complimenting someone’s work with hope they’ll take you under their wing?


It’s a two-way street

People don’t often agree to things if they don’t anticipate anything in return.  Be transparent in what you can offer future mentors.


Focus on tone

Just because the connection is happening online doesn’t mean professionalism should go out the window. Pretend you are face-to-face and reach out with respect.


Reach out to the right person

Spending months searching for a job can become daunting. But that’s no excuse for taking short cuts. Make sure you properly vet out the right employee to reach out to, failure to do so could result in no reply or a negative reaction.


Reaching out to strangers can be intimidating and open up the gates of rejection. But ultimately, rejection is normal and it will teach you valuable lessons along the way. Growing your professional network will be viral for your career growth.