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Would you live a Healthy Lifestyle for credit card points?

Talk about motivation.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jun 13, 2022

Sometimes finding the motivation to workout every single day (30 minutes of daily movement is required for optimum heart health) can be challenging. Factor in school, work, children, and quite frankly, anything else — it can be hard finding the time to schedule a workout. Some people end up getting gym memberships or paying for boutique classes, thinking that because money was spent, it would force them to attend. Although this tactic is great, it doesn’t always work.


But what if you got paid to work out and live a healthy lifestyle? Paceline is making the case that is how it should be.


Developed in 2022, the card is designed to help you get in shape and keep you there. Each time you purchase athletic apparel, studio classes, sporting goods, groceries, gear, or equipment, the card will give you 2.5% cash back. You’ll also get that for drug and pharmacy purchases as well, with 1.5% cash back on anything outside of these categories.


Priced with an annual fee of $60, the card will double your reward points (5% instead of 2.5%, 3% instead of 1.5%) if you hit your weekly fitness goal (150 elevated heart rate minutes a week — determined by Paceline) — the card’s biggest incentive. Side note: The card determines an elevated minute as any minute spent in an activity that’s higher intensity than a brisk walk.


The only requirement is to download the Paceline app so you can record all your activity and then of course, purchase a smart watch (most users use Apple Watch) if you don’t already have one.


The cool thing is cash back is displayed in your app everyday, so you get to see what you’re getting back in real time — making it even more enticing to live a healthier life or add in an extra workout when you want to get more money or rewards. And the best part, there is no limit on how much you can earn. And if you don’t want the cash, Paceline also has partnerships with over 200 fitness brands that you can redeem for gift cards. A win, win in our eyes.


During the pandemic, you might have found it super difficult to workout — lacking the motivation, willpower, focus, or time. Now, you can still live your life while getting rewards. Personally, I think it’s genius. A lot of people complained about excessive weight gain and health problems due to the stresses and unknowns of the pandemic. Not to mention, America also has high obesity rates. I think having a credit card that rewards you for good health behavior could be a way to combat this.


The enhancements in tech can easily get you started on your fitness journey nowadays. After you sign up for Paceline, check out these personal training apps, and these 3 apps for walking.


Photo via Paceline