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Survive a 24 hour Digital Detox and get paid $2,400 wants to know if someone can do it.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Apr 4, 2021, a product comparison website, recently offered $2,400 to one person who can achieve an almost impossible task: going a full 24 hours without using any technology. Even though this may not sound impossible to all, if you really think about it, it may be truly hard to achieve.


The company revealed last month that it was accepting applications for its “Digital Detox” challenge. The chosen person must be willing to turn off all personal devices for 24 hours, which includes mobile phones, video games, televisions, computers, and smart watches or any wearable technology. The winner will have 14 days to select a tech-free day after accepting the challenge. Think about this: you will have to go 24 hours without being connected to the digital world in any way, shape, or form.


On their website, they announced:

“Do you need to escape your daily routine with a digital detox? We know it’s hard to take even a day away from work, school, socializing, games, and the endless scrolling and streaming online, but what if we could make it worth your while? wants to give someone $2,400 to go 24 hours without technology—we have a feeling someone out there needs a break.”


To pass the time, the company will make it possible for the chosen person to put together a $200 USD “tech-less care package,” and recommends that the person invest in board games, paint sets, or a typewriter to complete typical screen-based tasks. To receive the prize, the subject must send screen time reports following the challenge.


If you think about the financial breakdown, that’s making $100 per hour to NOT use technology. Would you be able to do it if another challenge like this arises? Check out the selection video of the participant below.