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The supplements and vitamins you should have on hand during the pandemic

words by: Natasha Marsh
Dec 29, 2020

Vitamins, supplements and healthy eating can help support and boost your immune systems, but we should warn you, the below list is not an exhaustive way to avoid the coronavirus. According to the CDC, wearing a mask and staying at home is still the best way to avoid the virus.


Day-to-day, we encounter pathogens, like viruses and bacteria in our environments and potential entry to our bodies is high. If our immune system is working smart, our chances of getting infected lower. Below is a short list of minerals and vitamins that can help boost your immune system.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C works with the leukocytes in your body, the white blood cells that help fight infections. Vitamin C also helps to clear out old cells and replace them with new, healthy ones. It functions as an antioxidant. Doctors recommend 1000 mg of vitamin C, twice a day.


Vitamin D

Typically we get Vitamin D from the sun, but with the first snow behind us in New York – a supplement will have to do. Vitamin D decreases inflammation. The recommendation dose is 1000 mg per day with a meal.



Zinc helps the function of cells in the immune system. The recommendation is 40 mg or less a day.



Helps to reduce symptoms related to viral infections.



Main compound in turmeric and famous for its anti-inflammatory properties.



Helps antiviral activity fight against acute respiratory diseases


Vitamin B6

Supports biochemical reactions in the immune system.


Vitamin E

Antioxidant that helps the body fight infections.