We love this nostalgic Pepsi x Polaroid camera

So very ’90s.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Mar 29, 2022

For the retro-tech aficionado, Retrospekt has released a nostalgic Pepsi x Polaroid Instant Camera. Retrospekt is appealing to nostalgia lovers everywhere with this new instant film camera, which taps into childhood memories. The retro Polaroid camera is created with the Pepsi blue exterior to reflect the beverage’s iconic logo from years ago, and transports fans back to the nostalgic time of the 1980s and 1990s.


On their website, Retrospekt described it as follows:


“Built using refurbished internal components—sourced directly from vintage Polaroid instant cameras made in the 1980s and ‘90s—and wrapped in a freshly molded blue exterior designed to the exact same specifications as the original Polaroid 600 camera bodies, the Polaroid 600 Pepsi camera features a brand new design that celebrates the joy of Pepsi’s iconic branding from years past. You gotta have it!

All you need is a pack of Polaroid 600 film (sold separately) and you’ll be able to experience instant photography at its most authentic — on an original Polaroid vintage camera. This is a new custom camera built from refurbished, vintage Polaroid internal components housed in a newly-molded exterior — designed and built by Retrospekt and officially licensed by Polaroid and Pepsi.”


The creative director of Retrospekt, Michael Kempen, shared:


“In the 1980s, Polaroid produced a limited number of cameras that made use of the then-current Pepsi branding. As the years go by, they’re becoming increasingly difficult to find, but demand is still high. The continued interest year after year put this at the top of our list of collaborations we wanted to bring back. When we went to create a new camera with a throwback feel, we didn’t want to rehash what the original camera had already done. Pepsi has always had a strong graphic style which is executed across a variety of products, ad campaigns and other applications. For us, the period in the early-to-mid ’90s stuck out as a prime example of this. And, since Polaroid was still producing this style of camera into the ’90s, it means these logos and brand elements are an authentic fit for the camera’s original era.”


Retrospekt is known for reviving historical analog cameras and combining old and new by repurposing internal components from other antique Polaroid cameras before restoring them to like-new condition.


Pepsi has already collaborated with Polaroid in the past, but this most recent collaboration definitely hits a soft spot when it comes to nostalgia. Even though these Polaroids are becoming harder to come by as the years pass, the demand remains high, The Polaroid 600 Pepsi Instant Film Camera retails for $169 USD and can be found on Retrospekt’s website.



As we know, nostalgia is a big money maker. For instance, part of Yellowjackets and Turning Red’s stories are rooted in the subject.


Photos via Retrokspekt