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This invite-only collage App is Trending all over TikTok

You fishing for an invite or no?

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Sep 4, 2022

We now know that many aesthetic trends and visuals tend to go viral on TikTok every once in a while. The latest viral trend is a collage-style video “mood board,” being made possible by Shuffles.


Thanks to demand from Gen Z users who are using the new creative expression tool to create, publish, and share visual material, Pinterest’s recently soft-launched collage-maker, Shuffles, has been moving up the App Store’s Top Charts. These aesthetic collages end up being the backdrops of video that are accompanied by music (as are most videos on TikTok), then shared with friends, as well as a broader Shuffles community.


The app is currently in its invite-only status, but even so, it has occupied the charts as the No.1 Lifestyle app in U.S. App Stores.


What is Shuffles?

The app is described as follows: “Shuffles is a new app designed for collective collaging. Want to curate a festival outfit? Visualize your dream bedroom? Moodboard your current aesthetic vibe? Or just express yourself by creating something beautiful, strange, or funny? You’ll love Shuffles.”


Users can take photos of objects, find inspo in a photo library, and add animations before sharing. Further editing capabilities include being able to cut out objects, rotate, resize, and layer them, and remixing other peoples’ works into something completely different.


In the month since its first release in late July 2022, the app has been downloaded 211,000 times on iOS worldwide, with 160,000 of those downloads occurring in the United States, according to While this has been going on, Sensor Tower believes that the app has been installed around 338,000 times.


Shuffles seems to be a runaway success for Pinterest, seeing as it hasn’t even been “publicly released” yet. Pinterest has been trying to remake itself for the era of video popularity and content being more readily accessible on other platforms. With products like Idea Pins, which is comparable to TikTok’s pinned videos, and as well as live video shopping on Pinterest TV, the platform has been slowly inching towards being on the same level as other online platforms.


Shuffles is mainly targeting a younger audience that is using social media for self-expression, not only for networking and branding.


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Photo via Pinterest