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+Pool NYC is finally approved

The next line you’ll be waiting on is coming soon.

words by: Alee Kwong
May 18, 2021

If you’ve ever been to NYC during the summertime, you are well aware of the constant back-and-forth of euphoria and utter disgust that comes along with this magical time of year. Leading up to summer, every New Yorker yearns for consistent 80 degree days and claims to be willing to put up with the equally consistent 90% humidity.


It’s all fun and games in June when things start to heat up, but once July-August hits – well, let’s call it “the reckoning.” You sweat the minute you step outside of your apartment, finding a patch of shade to cool off under seems impossible, and the subway station is so hot it has made itself apparently known as one of many gateways to hell. I can’t wait.


+Pool approved

Last week, +Pool, one of many modern public-access developments for the NYC waterfront, was approved and was given an official “confirmation to proceed with due diligence.” This announcement follows nearly two years of review by the city and the New York City Economic Development Corporation.


What is +Pool?

The highly-anticipated +Pool is “a plus-shaped, water-filtering, floating swimming pool, designed to filter the very river that it floats in through the walls of the pool, making it possible for New Yorkers and its visitors to swim in clean river water. + POOL strives to reclaim the river as a recreational resource for the city, while educating the public about issues affecting our water quality.”


We’re excited to see it change the landscape of the city for years to come. And if you need a job this summer, +Pool is looking for a seasonal program manager and hiring now! Apply on


Alexa, play Pop Smoke.


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